Maïder Fortune L’inconnu de Collegno
WE 25.03 20:30

Le conflit ancestral entre la science et la foi fait rage dans l’histoire d’un homme et de ses nombreux passés possibles. Trouvez votre chemin au travers du labyrinthe d’une mémoire défaillante dans cette histoire qui se base sur des faits réels.

Sitting at a table in an empty room, a man listens to an interrogation tape, which reveals that he was found in Turin not knowing his own name. He would subsequently be locked away in a psychiatric institution. Characters from his possible past are used to try and find out who he is. Based on a true story from the 1930s that fascinated Italy in the Mussolini era.

The artist Maïder Fortuné (1973, France) makes use of various mediums, including video, photography, film and installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Vancouver Art Gallery and Loop Barcelona, among others.


FR spoken, EN subtitles

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