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1 year Psst Mademoiselle


1 year Psst Mademoiselle

FR 08.03.2019 22:00

To celebrate International Women's Day and their first anniversary, Psst Mlle invites 6 other Belgian female collectives to throw a multidisciplinary event.

Poxcat, Zij!, Lessousentendues, Laisse les filles tranquilles, 2F4F and Girls Go Boom join hands for an unforgettable night with live concerts, dance performances, projections, B2B DJ sets and a special scenography.




Live performances

• MARTHA DA'RO (live concert)
• Dance performance by Nick Coutsier
• Surprise act TBA


DJ sets

• DJ Amigo III (Poxcat) x Wutangu (Bledarte / Leaving Dakota)
• Kim Peers (Zij!) x DJ HYPPOCAMPO (Poxcat)

• ++ Nurse ++ (Poxcat) x Mika Oki (Psst Mlle)



Special sceno by 2F4F
Projection by Girls Go Boom
Art works by Roxanne Maillet
Merch by Laisse les filles tranquilles, Girls Go Boom, les sous-entendues available

And more surprises!