50 hours of Beurssc5ouwburg
15. Marklion

music 50 hours of Beurssc5ouwburg

15. Marklion

FR 06.02.2015 09:00

Beursschouwburg takes over Beurs metro station!

We asked french mastermind Marklion to record audio samples in the Beurs metro station and make a track with it.
The result will be presented in the metro station station itself on the 6th of February at 09:00 in the morning for all the commuters amongst us.

Everything starts at 8 when MARKLION discovered his uncle’s precious collection of old electronics gear, radios, arcade games.
Everything was in place for the birth of his sounds experiments passion, quickly he formed his first band and created a pirate radio with friends as he did his first recordings. In 1997, he founded Tone rec., a mix of Rock and Electronic experiments, then in 1999 it’s the birth of Dat Politics.
Since 2009 Vincent dedicates himself to his solo project Marklion, Cosmic Control and his label Alpage. In his First Album "GRANDE CAMOUFLAGE" his new stylistic freedom led him to collaborate with musicians like Etienne Jaumet from Zombie Zombie, We are enfant terrible, Cercueil, Rocky and Tamara Goukassova to explore new musical genres.

concert at metro Beurs

Marklion (fr / grande baguette electronica)