50 hours of Beurssc5ouwburg
23. Amicale de Production + SPIN + Le Choeur De Bruxelles Take a seat or stand, listen or sing with us

performance 50 hours of Beurssc5ouwburg music

23. Amicale de Production + SPIN + Le Choeur De Bruxelles Take a seat or stand, listen or sing with us

sing-along concert
FR 06.02.2015 17:00

Today we think it’s important to come together and say, sing or scream that there are alternatives for the neo-liberal austerity policy that is presented as the only possible way to a bright future.

That’s why SPIN & L’AMICALE DE PRODUCTION, two closely related artistic production-coöperatives, decided to meet up and write a little song together.

It’s a song to tell the politicians that govern us in Belgium and Europe that we disagree with their discourse that there’s no alternative to budget-cuts and a withdrawing government.

We will sing this song at the occasion of the 50th birthday of BEURSSCHOUWBURG and it would be great if you could join to sing with us. Feel free to forward this invitation to other potential singers.

► (INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC) By joining a rehearsal with the choir at Pianofabriek (in Brussels) on Saturday 31 January and/or Sunday 1 February at 16-18h. Please send Mathilde a mail to confirm your presence: maillardina@gmail.com ► (ALSO FANTASTIC) By trying to sing along at home with a recording that will shortly be online. We will send you a link in the very near future! ► (STILL FANTASTIC) By just showing up at Beursschouwburg the 6th of February at 16h30, ready to open your throat.

Let’s sing together! Cheers

For more detailed information about the political context in Belgium, and about the austerity measures for culture, we gladly refer to the letter published by RAB-BKO. Or to the sites of HART BOVEN HARD, TOUT AUTRE CHOSE and STATE OF THE ARTS, three movements that question today’s policies.

Friday 6th of February at 17h on the stairs of Beursschouwburg.
Let’s meet at 16h30 for a little warm-up.

Composer: Lieven Dousselaere


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