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Agata Maszkiewicz Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec


Agata Maszkiewicz Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec

FR 20.04.2012 20:30
SA 21.04.2012 20:30 cancelled

Don Quichote as you’ve never seen him before!

In "Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec" the stage is transformed into a construction site. Not as knights in armor but as fully outfitted construction workers the Polish dancers Agata Maszkiewicz and Magdalena Chowaniec enter their field of action.
They start a fatiguing game in which illusions, false promises and power struggles are rife. Imaginative they manipulate building materials, placing themselves and others in danger and dance untamed in a production that is at the same time absurd, motorial and political. Maszkiewicz and Chowaniec offer with their production a contemporary and feminine tribute to the Spanish ingenious nobleman Don Quixote and his helper Sancho Panza as to the worldwide much sought after Polish construction workers.

In English

concept, text & performance: Agata Maszkiewicz
text & performance: Magdalena Chowaniec
dramaturgy, text, light, video, sound: Vincent Tirmarche
dramaturgy & text: Paula Caspão
costumes: Sabine Desbonnets
music: Walking dead cats, Led Zeppelin Moby dick, rev Pearly Brown Peace will prevail, Mark Ronson God put a smile on your face
Production: VierHochDrei/Lisa Schmidt, Agata Maszkiewicz
Co-production: brut Vienna, Zeitraumexit Mannheim, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Art Stations Foundation Poznan
with the support of: City of Vienna, Polish Institute Vienna, Art Centre BUDA/Kortrijk
technical support: Pac’Bô l’ecole d’art/Dignac
manager support in Vienna: Nicole Schuchardt/brut
with special thanks to: Oleg Soulimenko, Roberto Gonzales, Tomek Kujaczynski & Tomek Rajtar
diffusion: Marlies Pucher/AUTOMOBILE