Are we there yet?

Are We There Yet? We hold on, we keep going, we’ll get there… but will we? Who is “we”, and where is “there”? Stuck between departure and arrival, things seem to last forever. 

Are We There Yet? How do we carry on when racism, sexism, classism, violence and severe social inequalities manifest themselves as ever-more insidious obstacles on our way towards change, justice and equity?

Are We There Yet? Where are we going, and do we have to get there? Sometimes, we get tired of clinging to a destination. Sometimes we fail and we’re too hard on ourselves … When we reach a point of exhaustion, we wonder if we must go on at all costs and how much more we can endure. We might want to slow our pace, take the time for a break and embrace doubt and not-knowing as a space-and-time for care, softness, interdependence and joy. Through performance, music, film, debates and exhibitions, artists and thinkers are invited to engage with these questions, generating togetherness and different rhythms of making.

Are We There Yet? is an invitation to think through some of the issues, concerns and movements that have been widely overshadowed yet affected by the worldwide pandemic and the policies it entailed. At the intersection of decolonial and feminist struggles, ecology and movements for social equity, we invite you to join in a year-long reflection on practices of endurance, resilience, (self-)care and sustainability – sustaining ourselves, each other and everything.

This year, the going itself is the destination: a catalyst for change.