Beyond The Momentum #StopAsianHate
TH 02.12 19:00

To learn from their past and reflect on their future, we continue the conversations and actions of the #StopAsianHate movement, beyond the momentum.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak in Belgium, several anti-racist and decolonial movements were born or gaining traction. These movements were experiencing a momentum: an increased mobilisation and collective awareness thanks to uprisings driven in part by the interconnectivity of social networks and hashtags – one of their most efficient tools. The movements were reaching the global stage as well as in the local context of Belgium and Brussels: from #BlackLivesMatter to #FreePalestine, and #HijabisFightBack to #StopAsianHate.

Now, as the outside world strives to regain some kind of (new) normalcy, Beyond The Momentum aims to continue the conversations and actions of these social justice movements through a series of talks and gatherings; to learn from their past and reflect on their future, beyond the momentum.

We’ll explore how the #StopAsianHate movement came about, and how it received (too) little attention in Brussels and Belgium. Together with artists and socio-cultural workers, we reflect on what the movement has meant and can mean, particularly in the cultural sector.

The speakers will be announced soon.

18:30 doors
19:00 talk