Cakes da Killa + Blck Mamba


Cakes da Killa + Blck Mamba

concert dj set pride week
SA 21.05.2022 20:30

Queer party poet spitting the hip hop scene to shreds with every syllable.

20:00 doors
20:30 Blck Mamba (dj set)
22:00 Cakes da Killa
20:30 Blck Mamba (dj set)
00:00 end

Since 2011, Cakes Da Killa has spit just about every hip hop habit to shreds with his highly incendiary mix of rough 90s rap and high energy club beats - think 80s London/Chicago hip house but oh-so-21st century.

Rashard Bradshaw started rap battling in high school and continued rhyming on camera until he got to college in New York. He thought his first official mixtape would be his last, but when the Internet (and the rest of the world) went wild with Eulogy in 2013, he decided - hallelujah baby - to make Cakes Da Killa the leading voice/character/icon of the queer wave rolling over the hip hop scene.

Now, after two full albums and a slew of singles and EPs, this unabashedly authentic MC promotes Black excellence and LGBTQ+ visibility with every syllable while throwing a party for us all. We say it's about time to come meet this party poet from a dancing distance.

photo Cakes de Killa by Ebru Yildiz

w/ The Belgian Pride Brussels