Coline Cornélis lay A/V + ROXANE MÉTAYER + ISLAS
TH 25.11.2021 20:30

The audience is lying down and has the rare opportunity to do only one thing; listen to music.

Coline Cornélis is a Brussels-based DJ & illustrator. Driven by a fierce interest in pure sounds, harmony and textures, Coline intend to offer an emotional background, a story and a form of delicacy to her live or recorded performances.

Her latest project is called lay and consists of a dj set composed of her first personal compositions and her favourite slow tracks, with no limit of style, with perhaps an affinity for ambient music as well as recordings — sounds from nature or readings of texts. It highlights silences, the idea of long time and unusual sounds. It is intended to make the listener travel in different types of soundscapes. 

The audience is lying down and has the rare opportunity to do only one thing; listen to music.

This time, she will present an expanded version of this concept. In addition to the sharing of the beauty of sounds and the awakening of a certain sensitivity, she will explore another facet of contemplation by the suggestion of mental images through visuals, animation of her own drawings, lights and installations in motion.

Multidisciplinary talent Roxane Métayer asserts herself as an essential part of the current experimental landscape. In line with her work with avant-garde duos Sage Alyte and Gebogen Ogen, Métayer's impressive debut on Morc Records reveals her mystical approach to composition. A violin opens the portal to worlds of ancestral origin and unexplored possibilities.

Lucie Grésil studies at the Royal Conservatory of Mons and is a member of the Fenêtre Ovale collective.

islas scatters carefully selected vibrations, weaves together electronic gems, creates sinuous and surprising sets. Floating in the limbo between dance music, delay pedals, ASMR, spoken word, movie scores, and ambient sounds, islas plays with the friction that exists when one record meets another, with the joy that erupts when sounds come together to create the previously unheard.

20:00 doors
20:30 Roxane Métayer 
21:30 Coline Cornélis
22:30 islas
01:00 end