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Etuwe Bright Junior/Star Boy Collective Look On The Bright Side


Etuwe Bright Junior/Star Boy Collective Look On The Bright Side

FR 08.03.2019 20:30
SA 09.03.2019 20:30

A seemingly absurd attempt to become a star offers a glimpse behind the scenes at the mechanisms of fame.

In this performance, Etuwe Bright Junior explores his own dream of stardom. He first came to Europe to pursue a career in football, but when that didn’t take off, not having a diploma, he went to work in a factory. He’s also a member of the performance group Star Boy Collective, with whom he’d perform for appreciative audiences across Europe before returning to his day job at the factory in Belgium.

In Look on the Bright side, Junior finds himself alone on stage, vulnerable before an audience that – in a very real way – has the power to determine his future. In a language he’s still wrestling with, he analyses the strange situation in which he finds himself. Junior’s sometimes absurd quest for stardom gives the audience a look behind the curtains of fame. Which mechanisms in our society determine who ‘makes it’? And under which circumstances?

Look on the Bright side is the fourth performance to come from the Star Boy Collective. The collective consists entirely of West-African football-migrants living in Belgium and was founded by the Australian performance-maker Ahilan Ratnamohan, who likewise came to Europe in his youth in pursuit of a career in football.

Part of NORMAL SCHNORMAL, a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations.

Dutch spoken, English subtitles 

concept & performer: Etuwe Bright Junior, concept & direction: Ahilan Ratnamohan, musician: Jeremie Hakeshimana, dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker, costumes & dramaturgy: Anne-Catherine Kunz, light design: Herman Sorgeloos, script advice: Phéline Thierens, production: Monty Kultuurfaktorij, coproduction: Beursschouwburg, A Cultured Left Foot, CO Luchtbal, Muziektheater Transparant