feminist september!

feminist september!

1 SEP — 30 SEP

A feminist-events-in-September calendar between different organisations, institutions and groups. 

Queering Brussels
10/09-21/11, Vernissage 22/09/2022, Halles Saint-Géry / Sint-Gorikshallen


This exhibition, organised by L'architecture qui dégenre asbl in collaboration with Halles Saint-Géry, was developed by Camille Kervella, architect, curator of the exhibition and co-founder of the asbl. Queering Brussels puts forward a critique and a possible future of the city of Brussels through queer prisms.


FAME - Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment
19-24/09/2022, Riches-Claires, KVS, Tour à Plomb, Montagne Magique, Cinematek, PLaine du quai à la Houille


FAME (Festival where Arts Meet Empowerment) is a multidisciplinary performing arts festival that seeks to encourage the discovery of new imaginary worlds that are more inclusive and more equal. This is achieved through the various artistic works and reflections of women and gender minorities. Performances, lecture, workshops and more tend to create a bridge between art and feminisms.


Journées du Matrimoine / Matrimoniumdagen / Matrimony Days
23-25/09/2022, Tour à Plomb, Hageltoren


On the initiative of the non-profit organisation L’architecture qui dégenre Matrimony Days honor the historical-architectural, sculptural, urban and social heritage of Brussels. On the other hand, it is also a great opportunity to discover the current artistic, political and feminist heritage.


Journées Féministes / Feministische Dagen / Feminist Days
23/09-01/10, Maison Amazone Huis


Since 1995, the Amazone House hosts women's associations and plural feminist associations in the same place. Echoing the synergy present in our premises, we have created with the associations this collaborative feminist festival composed of various activities (screenings, debates, exhibitions, and many others).


Les Volumineuses
24/09/2022, Le BRASS - Centre Culturel de Forest


Les Volumineuses came grew out from a need to shake up the Brussels music scene and cultural world by putting forward gendered people and their talents, giving them a real voice and a space for visibility in a series of events showcasing live music and performing.


28/09-8/10/2022, beursschouwburg


Audiences, artists and speakers from South West Asia, North Africa and Europe join a glocal conversation to imagine a feminist and connected society. Through performances, conversations, screenings, an exhibition and a club night, we talk about stereotypes, queer and trans utopias, gender, bodies, public space, activist strategies and feminist revolutions.