FO[am]tones (aka FOtones special edition)

music party

FO[am]tones (aka FOtones special edition)

concert party
SA 25.04.2015 20:30

15 years of Foton, 15 years of FoAM, 50 years of Beursschouwburg & 10 years since the last FOtones night

Foton, FoAM and the Beursschouwburg join forces to present FO[am]tones (aka FOtones Special Edition), a parallel world full of ear and eye candy. Intense horizontal listening experiences gradually transform into wicked dance-floor action, the whole wrapped up into a synaesthetic experience with mesmerising visuals, tactile sensations and edible treats. The outernational FO[am]tones line-up goes from minimal, psychedelic and physical electronica to high energy beats, breaks and bass. An otherworldly peak experience…

Dress-code: Anarchodandyist costumery



Mahadev Cometo

Peter Van Hoesen


Line up:

and FoAM, distributed network of labs for speculative culture and co-creator of FO(am)tones, responsible for the visual, tactile and gustatory experiences