from... time... to... time...

from... time... to... time...

performance film expo
21 SEP 2023 — 24 JAN

Join us as we hack time, travel time and loop back into circles.

Sleep, wake, work and play. Time shapes every aspect of our lives. Forward, moving forward, always – as we approach deadlines, run errands, draft our to-do lists and fill our calendars.

What happens when linear time is bent, cut or undone? Aren’t past, present, and future all enmeshed in a circular motion of history? Which alternative (hi)stories thrive at the margins of the dominant progress tale? Beursschouwburg's focus programme aims to explore the many dimensions of the complex notion of time, including how our experience of time is informed by societal forces at large.

Rewind, unwind: let’s loosen the straight line that runs through history, dig into our memory and transform the archive. Far from mere boxes gathering dust on institutional shelves, archives may be stored in material and non material spaces – even our own bodies travel through time as haunting and haunted archival sites.

This fall, you are warmly invited to wander, to linger and to let yourself drift through fictional futures, speculative fictions and unfolding speculations.