La Fleur — Monika Gintersdorfer & Franck Edmond Yao Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le bara
FR 07.02.2020 20:30
SA 08.02.2020 20:30

Urban dance story about sex and work based on the novel by Émile Zola.

Zola’s story follows the life of Nana, who manages to escape poverty and the underbelly of society by becoming a courtesan to rich men. The Afro-European dance group La Fleur brings the story up to date, seeing contemporary Nanas in the likes of the Kim Kardashians, Emma Lohoues and Diaba Soras of this world. Capitalism and physical freedom, bourgeoisie and proletariat – who’s really got the power?

In this interpretation, the heroine is a strong, entrepreneurial woman who, as a sex worker. She uses her body to navigate society’s power structures all the way to the top, to seek out a better, more enjoyable life. Drawing on urban dance and the Coupé Décalé style in particular, the performers create a sometimes aggressive, sometimes erotic but always highly physical tension between stage and audience.


In French with English translation
Duration: 1 h 40 minutes

production: La Fleur, a coproduction by: MC93 — Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Theater Bremen, Pumpenhaus Münster, suppoprted by: Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The realisation of the presentations at Beursschouwburg is supported by the Goethe Institut Brussels.