Laryssa Kim + Victor De Roo
SA 19.06 20:00 - 22:00

Disconnect from the deafening roar of daily thoughts.


Singer, composer and performer Laryssa Kim builds resounding dream worlds with the various building blocks of her personal and artistic identity. Born in Rome with Congolese roots, raised in Amsterdam, a graduate from Mons in acousmatic composition, she's based in Brussels since 2013 to rhyme her near-academic (and multilingual) investigative compositions with intuitive soul connecting heaven and earth. She brings these simultaneously personal and universal creations to festivals, theaters, residencies and every other imaginable stage with the natural grace of a rising star - you know, that twinkling celestial body you see at night.



No one is sure if they have actually heard or only dreamed of the music of this mysterious producer. Even collaborators Alex Deforce, Meetsysteem and Rachel Sassi mostly remember how his music manages to deafen mundane thoughts. We have to rely on labels like Stroom, Knekelhuis, Social Harmony and Kontakt Group (allegedly founded by De Roo?), who, while releasing his music, have only heard the same rumors as everyone else. It is said that Victor De Roo has a DJ past and that he will be playing a solo show tonight with some unreleased music. Well, maybe.