Mary Ocher + Oï les OX + Weird Dust
FR 15.10.2021 20:30

Intellectual gut-feelings, stratospheric poetry and primal partying.

Mary Ocher is a multidisciplinary poet who charms and polarizes with her uncompromising poetry, photography, visual art and music. The latter ranges from classic folk to raw 60s garage to otherworldly ambient and experimental pop, with African and South American rhythms from Your Government, her regular drummers.

Musician, writer and dramaturge Aude Van Wyller is intrigued by the form poetry and oral transmission take in space. With her project Oï les OX, Aude makes contemporary pop soaked with noise, R&B and surrealist texts. Aude released the poetic Crooner Qui Coule Sous Les Clous (with raving reviews) on the Boomkat sublabel The Death Of Rave.

20:30 doors
21:00 Oï les OX
22:00 Mary Ocher
23:00 Weird Dust dj set
03:00 end

photo: Gloria de Oliveira