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O Solitude
Adva Zakai Last seen standing between brackets


Adva Zakai Last seen standing between brackets

performance dance
FR 10.03.2017 20:00 New hour!
SA 11.03.2017 19:00 New hour!

In Last Seen Standing Between Brackets, Adva Zakai asks how she can continue dancing when she no longer has a body.

In 2012, Adva Zakai was our guest with I Fail Good. She now returns with O Solitude. This Brussels-based choreographer and performer clearly enjoys such cheerful themes as failure and loneliness… ☺

How can words take on a life of their own, without using the body as a physical instrument? Can you separate a body from its movements, a text from its writer, a person from his or her thoughts? Adva Zakai combines dance, text and animation to give us an answer to these questions. Her words create a choreography of their own and dance on the stage. And Adva Zakai? She takes a place in the audience, just like us, and looks on.

With this performance, this Israeli-born artist explores whether or when language can be separated from its writer or thinker. Can a performance exist without a performer? Come find out with this conceptual performance about language and body!

DOUBLE BILL (€10 for 2 performances, €9/6 each)!!

Friday 10 March
20:00 Adva Zakai - Last seen standing between brackets
21:00 Orion Maxted - Human Simulation
Saturday 11 March
19:00 Adva Zakai
20:00 Orion Maxted
21:00 Context programme 'Cybernetic Conversation' with Orion Maxted, Francis Heylighen and the audience.

BE, 2015, 50'
EN spoken

Concept and performance: Adva Zakai In collaboration with: Shila Anaraki Text animation and artistic advice: Effi Weiss Co-production: Playground Festival (BE), Hors Pistes / Centre Pompidou (FR). With the support of: BUDA Arts Center (BE).

BIO** Adva Zakai was born in Israel and now lives in Brussels. In recent years, as a choreographer, performer and/or curator, she has been active in diverse performance formats. Her choreographic work explores how the body and language influence one another and can often be experienced from different perspectives. Her productions are presented in theatres, museums, galleries, in apartments and on digital platforms.