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O Solitude
Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes Omertà


Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes Omertà

FR 10.02.2017 20:30 premiere
SA 11.02.2017 20:30

Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes paint in silence, without words or music, but with burning love.

Bernard Van Eeghem and Stefanie Claes have made a fantastic decision: they are combining their sumptuous imaginations! Together, they create an enormous painting on transparent plastic, all in front of a live audience in a standard theatre setting. (Actually, our theatre is not standard at all: it is in fact made of gold.)

At first, there is nothing. We are looking right through the plastic. Suddenly, points become lines, geometry becomes stereometric, curves expand into flora, fauna and people. Something new is continually appearing in this steadily growing portrait of ‘everything that is in the world’.

Omertà, the Italian title of this performance, is the pledge of absolute secrecy within the criminal organizations in Italy. This pledge of silence applies not only to members of the mafia, but also to outsiders and potential witnesses to mafia crimes.

With loaded paintbrushes at the ready, two painter-performers capture their audience in the silence of this artistic action. Omertà is practically a political statement in an age when easy social media, unmeasured haste and sweet technology take over from inner depth.

BE, 2016, 75 min
language no problem

Concept & performance: Stefanie Claes, Bernard Van Eeghem
Light design: Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Production: Hiros
Together with: Het Bos, Beursschouwburg, KAAP
With the support of: de Vlaamse Overheid
Thanks to: WP Zimmer

BIO** Bernard Van Eeghem is a performer and visual artist. A native of Bruges who has settled in Brussels, he has almost become part of the furniture at the Beursschouwburg. His most recent victory with us was IF.

Stefanie Claes is a visual artist, illustrator, theatre director, performer and member of the Lucinda Ra artists collective.