Origami Classics presents le Quintette Et Caetera


Origami Classics presents le Quintette Et Caetera

SU 14.05.2017 15:00 - 17:00

Origami Classics is closing its fourth season with the Et Caetera Quintet on May 14th

These 5 wonderful musicians will litterary blow you wind up with their 5 wind-instruments: bassoon, oboe, flute, cor and clarinet, 5 more reasons to spend your Sunday-afternoon with us!

Sunday-Funday works also for kids! We've teamed up with MUS-E BELGIUM, a wonderful association of professional artists who will animate a workshop for kids! 8 of them will have the chance to explore their sense of creativity. Booking is mandatory because of limited access, it's 8 euros/kid, only for those between 3 and 12.

As usual we'll provide a free baby-sitting service for kids younger than 3, but please note that booking is also mandatory for this.