Out Loud! 2014
Alpage Night


Alpage Night

FR 20.06.2014 19:00

Out Loud!

We’re inviting the slightly crazy Alpage Records to arrange an Out Loud! evening entirely to their tatste and rituals. This Northern France label brings along a bunch of Poulains and provides the kind of party you’d find every day in Lille.

19:00 – 22:00

Antoine Pesle

Antoine Pesle - that is Alpage’s tropical pearl - reminds us of the Italo disco version of Flight of the Conchords. When you hear the name of Antoine Pesle, think of smiling synths, low water and an amorous refrain.

Tamara Goukassova

Tamara Goukassova is a classically trained violinist who converted to electronics in the late ‘90s, followed shortly after by pop music and ultimately she dared to revel in a good dash of coldwave. In the past she worked with Marklion & Cosmic Control (also Alpage) but is now focusing on her first real solo project.

Prieur de la Marne

The name Prieur de la Marne pays homage to Pierre-Louis Prieur, a key figure in the French Revolution who as “Crieur de la Marne” was known for his exceptional eloquence, oratorical skills and his charisma. Prieur de la Marne does not exactly want to cause a musical revolution but rather to bring pop treasures back into the public eye in a new light, resulting from some charming and unexpected intervention. Or alternatively: François Miterrand meets Romi Schneider.

22:00 – 0:00

You Man

You Man pulls out all the stops: big beat, hip-hop, trance and industrial, without losing the melody in doing so. And You Man is quite clear about the production: it has to sound great, really great.


DDDXIE is Olivier Durteste’s solo project. His melodic, hypnotic tunes, spiked with electronic melodies are a compromise between “ sunny house, desert ambient, monomaniac and new wave”.

0:00 – 3:00


Everything started when MARKLION was eight, when he discovered his uncle’s collection of old electronics and radios: his love of experimental sounds became a fact. After some musical ramblings (from pirate radio to setting up rock and electro formations) he went heart and soul for his solo projects Marklion, Cosmic Control, and he set up Alpage Records Label.Under the alter ego MARKLION he released Grande Camouflage, his first album in which he seeks out uncharted musical territory.

Acid Fountain

The Acid Fountain project originates from Frenchman Richard Frances. He uses this nickname for the unrestrained fusion of synthesizers with tipsy drum parts and intergalactic voices, finished off with a splash of dope and substantial waves. This inquisitive ‘experimentalist’ gets to work with post-house, dark acid, krautpop, cosmic techno or dream drone.
Be ready for some cosmic notes!

  • Alpage DJ’s

Antoine Pesle (FR) - Acoustic Set
Tamara Goukassova (FR) - Violin, voices & electronics
Prieur de La Marne (FR) - DJ-Set
You Man (FR) - Live/ Laptop
DDDXIE (FR) - Full Analog Live
MARKLION - Live/ Laptop
Acid Fountain (FR) - Live/ Machines