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Bryana Fritz Indispensible blue


Bryana Fritz Indispensible blue

FR 01.12.2017 20:30
SA 02.12.2017 20:30

About a (potential) relationship with the user software of a computer.

Dancer and choreographer Bryana Fritz sits down behind a computer, the darkness surrounding her. A magnified desktop is projected on the wall behind her. Her cursor dances around the desktop, cluttered with various blue folders with similar names: BLUE 1, BLUE 2, BLUE 3,… In the middle, there is a surprising folder called ‘Landscape’. The folders are opened and closed, linear surfaces are formed, boxes light up, colours and sounds appear; a poem unfolds here. The Apple user interface transforms into a landscape: sometimes flat and two-dimensional, sometimes a bottomless abyss, with countless folders.

If software exerts a choreographic force on the user, how can she employ dance as a means to escape its clutch? Fritz tries to escape the pre-programmed patterns in which software controls our daily computer actions. We all use it daily in a functional way. Can one abandon all functionality and turn digital algorithms into poetry in a playful manner?

“On poetry, on dance, on a bed of software, on surface depth; on submission to form and on the poetics of usership.”

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.