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Florentina Holzinger Apollon Musagète


Florentina Holzinger Apollon Musagète

performance dance
FR 13.10.2017 20:30
SA 14.10.2017 20:30

An investigation into the role of women and the boundaries surrounding body cult nowadays. What does the perfect woman want? 

Dancer-choreographer Florentina Holzinger is known as a very physical and particularly explosive performer. Inspiration for her often brutal productions is drawn from disciplines such as kickboxing, circus, striptease or yoga. This time she works with neoclassical ballet and with a fully female cast. George Balanchine, one of the greatest choreographers of the twentieth century, is her inspiration for Apollon Musagète

The story revolves around Apollo (the Greek god of the music) who receives a visit from three muses: Terpsichore (muse of the dance and the song), Polyhymnia (muse of the mime) and Calliope (muse of the poetry). Florentina brings together Apollo's muses as if they were sideshow acts from the American circus.  

Apollon Musagète is to be a 'post-baroque' ballet piece on the reinvention of the tradition. Questions about alienation and individual identity in relation to beauty and perfection give the performance a contemporary interpretation.


AT | Van: Florentina Holzinger | Met: Renée Copraij, Florentina Holzinger, Annina Lara Maria Machaz en anderen. | Muziek: Stephan Schneider | Dramaturgie: Sarah Ostertag | Productie: CAMPO | Coproductie: Frascati Producties, Amsterdam; La Bâtie – Festival de Genève; steirischer herbst, Graz; Münchner Kammerspiele; Sophiensaele, Berlin.

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.