The Kids Are All Right
Decap Thé Dansant - Matinée Familiale
dance concert kids
SA 03.10.2015 14:00

Saturday afternoon, we dance during a thé dansant, organ sounds directed by punched cards. Bring all your children, your flexible parents, your neighbours, aunts and uncles and great-grandparents. Everybody on the dance floor!

Decap? Yes, Decap!
From the 1920’s to the 1970’s, the Decap-organ resulted in a packed dance floor. With its automatically playing instruments and light effects, this machine was the predecessor of the deejay and disco bar. Gradually, vinyl records started casting the organ from its throne and took over the dance floor. In Hertentals, brothers Tony and Frank Decap – great-grandchildren of Decap-founder Alouis – are actively keeping their legacy up-to-date. The love for the organ is passed on onto each following generation and it gets people moving. The perfect instrument to open our focus over generations and family ties!