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A reason to talk Sachli Gholamalizad & kunstZ


A reason to talk Sachli Gholamalizad & kunstZ

performance theater
FR 23.10.2015 20:30
SA 24.10.2015 20:30

Sachli Gholamalizad was born in Iran and fled to Belgium with her family when she was five years old. In A reason to talk, she searches for an explanation for the difficult relationship with her mother.

She delves into her family past and confronts both her mother and her grandmother. Is that difficult relationship inherent in growing up in two different cultures, or is it inherent to a mother-daughter dynamic?

Sachli edits film images she made herself (from Iran and Belgium), diary passages, memories, novels and soundscapes into a very intimate performance. The many layers and contradictions in the lives of these three women are brought to life on stage through the use of various media.

Saturday 24th: after talk with Sachli Gholamalizad, moderated by Lisa Wiegel (EN spoken)


Concept & performance: Sachli Gholamalizad
Design and technique: Steven Brys
Coach: Greet Vissers
Soundscape: Andrew Claes
Production: kunstZ
Coproduction: Mestizo Arts Festival
With the support of: Vlaamse Overheid & Stad Antwerpen

EN, NL & Farsi spoken
En subtitles

Sachli Gholamalizad (°1982) is a Belgian actress and theatre maker of Iranian descent. She studied Drama at the RITS in Brussels. She followed a yearlong course in method acting with Jack Waltzer (a lifelong member of the Actors Studio). She performed in Hooglied by Zuidpool and in performances of for instance Moussem, Union Suspecte and Ahmed Khaled. She appeared on television in series such as ‘Dag en Nacht’, ‘Ella’ and ‘Witse’.

A reason to talk is ook te zien in Circuit X, een parcours met jonge theatermakers die allerhande kunsthuizen en culturele centra bezoeken. Als je de voorstelling graag in het Nederlands ziet, moet je zeker de speeldata op onze website of op de website van bekijken.