The Kids Are All Right

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We have just finished celebrating our 50th anniversary. It was a beautiful year with a wonderful celebration for both familiar and new faces. What a pleasure it was to see all of those ‘Beursschouwburg generations’ together under the same roof.

It even brought a question to mind: what happens when multiple generations come together in one place, live together in one city, survive in the same world? What’s it like to age in Brussels, a city that keeps on getting younger? Or what’s it like to watch your children grow up in a country with a different culture than the one you grew up in? And how do young people react to our city?

This fall, we give the stage to artists who think about (their) family ties, we are curious about the usual generation gaps, invite artistic families and search for the things that one generation leaves behind for the generation that follows.

Even though we’ve existed for 50 years, we’re here for a young audience. Young in spirit, that is. We’re all set with a programme composed with and for people who are younger than ever.

Let’s search for all the meanings of The Kids Are All Right together. After all, an interesting programme doesn’t come into existence on its own, but finds a way into the heads of many different visitors.

See you soon.