The Kids Are All Right
Fathers and Sons Davis Freeman


Fathers and Sons Davis Freeman

performance theater
FR 02.10.2015 20:30 premiere
SA 03.10.2015 20:30

Imagine having one moment where you could say anything you want to your parents. To truly say what you think of them. The good the bad even the ugly, and they could also say anything they want about you with no repercussions. This is Fathers & Sons. A moment where two families lay all their cards on the tables and you are the witnesses.

For Freeman, this performance is a tribute to his father, who struggles with Parkinson’s disease. “As I see the challenges he faces every day I've become acutely aware of the impermanence of our relationship. This fragile relationship between a parent and a child and you start to question what's been passed on and maintained from generation to generation. An age old, repeated exchange of challenges, habits, traits, talents, difficulties. Some try to break the circle, escape or deny it.” 

Fathers & Sons – is a performance with laughter and tears that's about fathers/sons, mothers/daughters, brothers/sisters, husbands/wives and even family members that passed away. We see two families openly discussing their difficulties and honestly saying how they feel about each other. Dirty secrets and beautiful truths are excavated, and urgent questions are put on the table.

US/BE, 2015, 100'

Concept + direction: Davis Freeman / Random Scream
Creation + performance: Tiemen Van Haver, Jason Quarles, Taha Ghauri, Stefan Sattler, Sarah Baur, Sophie Guiot, Sussane Grau, Romy Lauwers

EN spoken

Davis Freeman is an American artist based in Brussels with his company Random Scream. He makes contemporary theatre & dance, photo/video installations and curatorial projects. His work is often seen as devious political theatre.