GQOM OH! label night w/ Nan Kolè & Griffit Vigo + Rebel UP dj’s
FR 15.06.2018 22:00

Gqom night on our roof terrace! This South African club music is a sultry mix of hip-hop and house, perhaps more house than hip-hop.

The Italian Nan Kolè (boss of the Gqom Oh! label) and South African Griffit Viggo introduce this South African club music that evolved in Durban. The gqom music genre – a mix between hip-hop and house – is worldwide and enjoying a huge boom, especially in London. After London, Brussels!

GQOM OH! label night w/ 
Nan Kolè (IT) & Griffit Vigo (SA) (dj set)
+ Rebel UP dj’s (BE)