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WE 20.06.2018 22:30

On Iranian women’s struggle for equal rights: football a party for everyone?

May 2006: Iran is about to qualify for the World Cup. Among the exuberant supporters are also girls, albeit disguised as boys. It is not allowed in this land of strict ayatollahs for women to attend football matches. When these young women are revealed and arrested, they do not give up without a fight. The soldiers guarding them try to do their job, but have their hands full with these rebellious and motivated ladies. 

While all of this is playing out in the background of a match in the national stadium in Teheran, another power-play is taking place, both distressing and comical. Ingeniously, the director has packaged this struggle for equal rights for Iranian women into an inspired sports film.

Jafar Panahi, Iran, 2006, 93’
w/ Offscreen

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