Dar occupies beursschouwburg
SA 27.11.2021 12:00
SA 04.12.2021 12:00
SA 11.12.2021 14:00
SA 11.12.2021 18:00
SA 05.02 12:00 annulé
SA 12.03 12:00 annulé
SA 09.04 12:00

Le samedi, ce centre de jeunesse actuellement sans résidence fixe occupe notre bâtiment !

Hi there!

You were probably wondering what happened with Dar? Well, we are pleased to announce that after a lockdown (or three) and our never-ending unsheltered situation, we do keep coming back! And not in an ordinary way. 

Our lovely partner Beursschouwburg made us an offer we simply could not refuse: take over the Beurs café for 3 consecutive Saturdays. Our purpose is still the same as before: offering young people a place to do their thing and to simply gather around good music, tasteful food and great people. Like in the good old days. 

More info soon! 
Can't wait to see you again.
Team Dar

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