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What does it mean to be a whole, present and aware man today? by Hugo Mega

Masculinity is undergoing a reconstruction. Men everywhere are waking up to the reality of not being whole, living to their fullest potential in their lives and in society. Everywhere questions about what masculinity is and can be are emerging and calling men to action.

In this new cycle of circles, we will look at what is fragmenting and has fragmented men. Inspired and supported by feminist thinking, we will look at how virile, patriarchal behaviours impede “wholeness” not just in men but in all gender identities and expressions.

Through a recurring series of men’s circles, we will expand different areas relating to awareness, conscious connection to self, others, and the collective. Each circle focuses on a new theme and offers practical reflective tools to express and support us on this meaningful journey.

So, it’s time for us to meet again, and do the work. In facilitated meetings, we create a safe, intimate space for healing and transformation. Together, we cultivate new manhood where we can freely and fully express vulnerability, embrace sensitivity, celebrate wholeness and encourage each other's growth and achievement.

Our men’s circles are for all who identify as being male. Let us gather, build a community and co-create a new masculinities. Join the circle.

In English

This series is open to people who identify as men. Welcome!

Limited capacity, reserve your spot.


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