This fall, we keep going, we speed up, we pause, and we continue to wander along the many branches of a question: Are We There Yet?

We move in a loop from nature to nurture and back. We come across questions of movement, embodied territories and speculative journeys.

Looking forward and searching for a destination, we stumble upon our ancestors, re-shuffling the standards of archives and memory. We learn from and re-configure enduring practices of relating, loving, affecting and being affected by parenthood, heritage and environmental ties.

We are confronted with (forced) migration routes, border crossings and dislocation. We are at a standstill, at a crossroads… Food, stories, images and sounds gather together to question the mechanisms of power regimes, the politics of representation and the complex set of relations in which we grow.

Delving into different ways of knowing, Are We There Yet? drives us through a season of discussions, films, performances, concerts and… pleasure!