Airplane Mode invites Bart Kobain + Baster J
WE 20.10 19:00

Seasoned bars, irresistible hooks and lyrical flows. Hip hop, anyone?

Bart Kobain was born in Burundi and raised in Tournai to the sounds of ska punk and grunge. Visiting family in America, he discovered rap's dream world and the harshness of daily life for many. With these elements in tow Bart Kobain creates his own thorough mix for reality and fantasy to dance to. His lyrics don't shy away from dark themes such as addiction, while his (visual) universe overflows with hope and community support. The latter shows through in the many collabs and featurings on his first full album Night Call.

Baster J hails from Mons and specializes in trap hooks with lyrical flows, drawing inspiration from his childhood, life in his neighborhood and collaborations with other hip-hoppers and visual artists. Watch out for SDLN especially, his duo with childhood friend and rapper Deekay. Alternating between solo work and collabs, Baster J is establishing himself as a connector on the local scene, and seems well on his way to go international.

Theo Gee is a Brussels-based DJ who has a multifaceted musical atmosphere, ranging from new-school and old-school hip-hop sets to future beats and electronic music.

18:30 doors
19:00 Theo Gee dj set
20:00 Baster J
21:00 Bart Kobain
21:30 Theo Gee dj set
00:00 end