BHM Brussels Grand Closing
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TH 31.03 18:00

Come and join us for the celebration of the official closing of Brussels activities of Black History Month Belgium 2022 – #BHMAssembly. Be there for the epic closer of a month full of more than 30 events in the capital city alone.

"Celebrating ourselves is a political act and important to release our pain. Come vibe with others in a safe(r) and proud space and take a moment to enjoy and interact with music and dance performances that inspire us to heal and be joyful, food that nourishes our souls, and the dancefloor of an afterparty which glorifies Blackness in its entirety." - BHM Belgium

The capacity is limited, therefore we ask you to be mindful that BHM is a celebration of Blackness and Black communities. Please think about whom you might be taking a spot from by choosing to come to this event.

18:00 - 01:00 concerts (beurscafé)

19:00 Mahina - @mahinachameleon

Meet MAHINA (Brussels), a Belgian-Congolese artist. Like a chameleon, she seemingly blends any artform into one. She is a singer, acclaimed actress, and painter who is greedy in exploring her creative universe. Ever since she was a child, she has been writing prose, singing, rapping, and acting which allowed her to grow into a promising talent. 

20:00 NanaKILL - @thenanakill

Nanakill is still very new on the scene, but has already been dubbed ‘one to watch’. Her love for 90s R&B is evident in her soulful voice and compelling beats. Her latest single ‘FREAK’ - and the accompanying video have had amazing reviews. Her second single “Flaws” reinforced the idea that she was here to stay. Her upcoming EP dropping later this spring is definitely one to look out for. The artist will give us an exclusive look into her new material.

21:00 Suka Ntima - @sukantimamusic

With his fusion of afrobeats, genge and other traditional afro-music, Suka Ntima is definitely up to something. Emerged in 2020 as the alter-ego of Soul T, more soul-jazz oriented, he’s managed to gain exposure as an afro-fusion one to watch in only three releases.


22:00 - 03:00 afterparty (rooftop)

22:00 K4 - @kkkkvier

Gailor, Michaël, Christopher and Robert, raised in Dilbeek, Flemish Brabant today based in the heart of Europe, Brussels.Our passion is mixing, looking for those latest bangers, sharing them with our audience, making them dance but most of all having fun ourselves.We distinguish ourselves by mixing in an authentic, never seen before way. And while we mix back to back, each of us masters a different genre of music, ranging from the finest US/UK Trap/Rap; to R&B; Afro and FR and BE trap/Rap music.

23:00 Versatile VSL presents KreepThaGod & Juggboi Fleur + NDUNGU -@versatilevsl, @kreepthagod, @juggboifleur, @jeuneclyde

KreepThaGod is a performer from Liège, of Angolan and Zambian origin. Passionate about music from an early age, he began his artistic adventure through artistic schooling. 
Juggboi Fleur is an author/performer and beatmaker, of Rwandan origin, living in Liège.during the end of 2019, he gave a few performances, notably at the festival Les Ardentes or at the Reflektor. NDUNGU, "mom's boy" is a DJ and multidisciplinary artist born in DRC/Kinshasa and based in Belgium. His raw and pure energy is expressed through his love for vogue beat, hiphop and club music, all ingredients he uses to give you the maximum on the dance floor.

00:00 Bo Meng -

Bo Meng is a Brussels based DJ that started with a passion for afrobeat and hip hop music. Since then, she has added afrohouse, house and a bit of electro to her range.But one thing has definitely remained the same : she prefers to spin tracks by artists of black descent.After playing at several venues in Brussels such as Beursschouwburg, BRUZZ, Maison du Peuple, VK,... 

01:00 Saidou - @saidoumusic

Saidou is a DJ/Producer based in Belgium, influenced by DJ Premier, Fela Kuti, James Brown, D'Angelo, Pete Rock and J Dilla. And is known for being very diverse: from Hip Hop, Rnb, Trap, Grime, Afrobeats and Dancehall to Underground Hiphop, Soul and Funk. 

02:00 K4 - @kkkkvier

03:00 THE END 


Host: BHM BE Brussels Team @bhmbelgium @Brussels Grand Closing

Food by Sherry’s Kitchen @sherryskitchen2021

Dessert by Angel’s kitchen @__angelskitchen__