Black Box VI: bepotel + Dolphins Into The Future


Black Box VI: bepotel + Dolphins Into The Future

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WE 06.04.2016 20:30 Sold Out!

This is the sixth concert in our black box series. Small, black and very limited capacity!

bepotel (BE)

bepotel is proud to present the second chapter of the ‘Startup Label’ series with an exclusive sit-and-listen concert in the Beursschouwburg's Black Box. Following the release of the new 12", this concert serves as a gentle fade in into their sonic world. Aiming to explore the musical map of clubland, travelling further than the dance floor whilst not afraid of venturing behind the ‘Here Be Dragons’ signpost.

For the occasion, the crew invite Lieven Martens Moana to perform in the same setting. Also known as 'Dolphins into the future', this Antwerpian native explores different sonic realities and reconstructs them. He conducts field recordings on exotic locations only to build compositions with these afterwards in the studio. A true naturalist wanderer and a guy who's always served as an inspiration to the bepotel crew.

Dolphins Into The Future (BE)

Lieven Martens Moana (formerly Dolphins Into The Future) is seeking for a thoroughaestheticism of the impression. Using analog and digital recording techniques, he creates a form of music that refers to both ethnomusicology and to sound art or modern classical composition. Resulting in a very contemporary dialect, live usually amplified by lectures and slide projections.

In between the concerts and afterwards Dj Dekeizer and Dj Oddber will provide the accompanying soundtrack.