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black midi + Lennart Heyndels


black midi + Lennart Heyndels

TH 10.10.2019 20:00

Indie-rock from the future. The very very distant future.

20:30 Lennart Heyndels
21:30 black midi

The indie rock created by this London four-piece seems to come from a distant future ... and yet somehow feels as familiar as your favourite band from any point in British punk and rock music history. black midi has barely been active for a year but they’ve already garnered rave reviews from publications like Pitchfork and The Times. They’ve barely got any music online and yet their concerts sell out time after time. They currently have two singles out on vinyl: “bmbmbm” with the label Speedy Wunderground and “Speedway” with the iconic Rough Trade. In their live sets they create hypnotically seductive noise by combining super-tight drums with frenzied guitars, vocals and samples played through a smartphone. black midi drifts from psychedelic post punk, via futuristic noise, to bluesy prog-rock and back again –never clinging to a single genre for long.

Lennart Heyndels studied bass in The Hague, Amsterdam and Paris, he’s performed in all corners of the globe, but tonight in his home base of Brussels he’ll reveal that he’s a also an artist on the modular synth.

As part of ‘We Love You’, a multidisciplinary programme on love beyond the romantic and the self - sep oct nov dec 2019.