Dis Fig + Techno Thriller [postponed/cancelled]


Dis Fig + Techno Thriller [postponed/cancelled]

FR 03.04.2020 22:30

Catharsis of raw electro and distorted vocals. w/ AB

22:30 - 3:00

Felicia Chen alias Dis Fig lives and works in Berlin as a DJ and producer. In a distant past she saw her dream of becoming a jazz singer pass her by. It would take a number of years – and the acquisition of a set of decks – for her to regain her confidence in musical expression. Today Dis Fig is known for sets that explore the far reaches of the musical spectrum while also giving clubbers ‘all the feels’. This emotionality was already present in her 2019 debut LP ‘Purge’, on which hard electro and dreamy synths set a musical backdrop for her heavily distorted vocals. In her live gigs she draws out all her dreams and demons in a raw, sonic exorcism.

Composed by Hoel and Leo, the four-handed formation has steadily been crafting cybernated gothic music from the depths of their narrow basement. Drawing inspiration from dark dungeons murky synthpunk and industrial machinery colliding in fervor and howls. Their music feels as muscular and drenched as one could expect from their thrilling performances. 
Free falling tumultuous bass line lacerated by ominous muffled barking and groans. Bone-bending primitive techno catapulted over the walls in the most urgent fashion.  At times, it very much feels like trying to dance on some sort of cryptic electronic body music in a heavy chain-mail, or at least we urge to do do.  
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