HE4RTBROKEN invites PDA w/ Jay Boogie & Larry B (Live)


HE4RTBROKEN invites PDA w/ Jay Boogie & Larry B (Live)

FR 13.10.2017 22:00

Heartbroken is an ‘emo night’ taking place every 3 months in Brussels.

☞ Jay Boogie - LIVE (US)

☞ Larry B - LIVE (UK)

☞ PDA djs Mischa Mafia & Crackstevens (UK)

☞ Heartbroken djs Liyo, Steff & Nevrland

HE4RTBROKEN is a very emotional night promoting alternative, open minded club music. It aims at offering performances challenging expectations from the club, bringing more diversity to the realm of electronic music, and focuses on emotion and reinvention rather than on a certain musical genre. The Dj collective has brought for the first time in Belgium artists like Total Freedom (Fade to Mind), Kamixlo (Bala Club), Mobilegirl (Staycore, Discwoman) or Klein (Hyperdub), and works closely with Belgian artists like Ssaliva, Nevrland and Sky H1. Their influences are as diverse as r’n’b, techno, ballroom or baile funk, and they have a nose for the soundcloud gems that are blowing regular dance music conventions.