BRNS + Animal Youth


BRNS + Animal Youth

FR 17.11.2017 20:30

BRNS is back! With their brains… :O!

With a revised line-up and a revitalized sound, Brussels 4-piece BRNS (pronounced “BRAINS”) are back with their first new music in almost 2 years.

As new track ‘Pious Platitudes’ and its accompanying video (which is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach) demonstrate, BRNS are as assuredly visceral as ever. This is no surprise for a band who’ve played live around Europe with the likes of Yeasayer, SUUNS, Why? and Cloud Nothings.

Only now they’ve refined their pop instincts – which were already in evidence on earlier tracks like ‘Mexico’ or ‘My Head Is Into You’– and used synths to add an ethereal glow to the new material. Without forsaking their roots in post-punk and post-rock, they have condensed their energy into a sound that has never been as immediate or addictive.

Animal Youth combines heavy riffs, steady drums and a soothing voice. Their album Animal combines 90s shoegaze with a whole lot of post punk!