NIXIE'S: Dijf Sanders + Aural Archipelago Showcases + Kalaha


NIXIE'S: Dijf Sanders + Aural Archipelago Showcases + Kalaha

FR 01.12.2017 21:30

In the framework of Europalia Indonesia.

☞ Aural Archipelago Showcases (ID)

Aural Archipelago is the multimedia ethnographic project of Palmer Keen, an American ethnomusicologist based in Bandung, Java. It is considered to be the most extensive study of traditional Indonesian music ever undertaken, exploring the place of music, rituals and traditions in 21st century Indonesia. Palmer Keen invites you to discover three of these unique traditions rarely heard outside their region. 

☞ Dijf Sanders (BE)

Dijf Sanders is a multi-instrumentalist, instrument maker, producer and singer from Ghent who mixes electronic music with jazz and rock. He has a large number of albums and EPs to his name. His last album, Moonlit Planetarium (2015), is an amazing exploration of an electro-tropical, fantasy jungle. In collaboration with KAAP, Europalia invited Dijf Sanders to work in residence on the island of Java. The local traditions and instruments he discovered and recorded there will feature in his concerts and on a new album produced by WERF Records. 

+ live performance with Nathan Daems

☞ Kalaha (DK)

Four talented strangers, introduced with minimal rehearsal time, were brought together and launched onstage, and Kalaha was born. Kalaha are the Scandinavian electro pioneers Rumpistol and Spejderrobot - two prominent characters with a reputation well beyond their home countries - along with guitarist Niclas Knudsen and drummer/percussionist Emil de Waal. From the spontaneous and infectious magic of their first show came their critically acclaimed debut album “Hahaha”, the sound taking its inspiration in equal parts from West-African funk, electro rave and jazz improvisation, standing up as best possible blending of musical worlds—highly energetic and expressive, triggering the listener to dance with the head just as much as the heart.

☞ DJ Nixie (BE)

Karolien Polenus aka NiXiE is a music promotor who rolled into dj'ing. She has been active in the Belgian underground music scene for years as dj and organisor, harmonising the far-out gospels from notorious wild life with the primitive roaring of obscure hidden night owls.