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10 NOV — 12 NOV 2017

a simple music festival

schiev is a Brussels’ based music festival which offers a broad vision of avant-garde pop music while trying to make it accessible to the widest possible audience. The festival aims to showcase an eclectic line-up of innovative belgian and international projects and to present them in an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere. 

During three days, schiev invites the public to discover, discuss and debate a wide and wild range of musical projects. The festival will present what it considers as the most ‘schiev’ artists of the moment: those who seek, innovate and freely experiment.

Day: Label market & conferences - free of charge 
Night: Concerts & Dj sets - mate's rate

Friday 10 November

21h00 > 04h00
10 € (Presale) / 13€ (On location)

→ Danny L Harle
PC Music - UK

→ Thomas Ankersmit
PAN, Touch - NL

→ Why The Eye
Plynt, Angstrom - BE

→ Aymeric de Tapol
Tanuki, Vlek, Lexi Disques - BE

→ Stellar OM Source

→ Toxe
Staycore, The Vinyl Factory - SW/DE

→ Új Bála
Czaszka Records, Baba Vanga - HU

Saturday 11 November

21h00 > 04h00
10 € (Presale) / 13€ (On location)

→ Mr. Mitch
Planet Mu, Gobstopper - UK

→ Èlg
Nashazphone, Hundebiss - BE

→ Machine woman
Where to now, Sacred Tapes - RU/DE

→ Black Zone Myth Chant (High Wolf)
Editions Gravats, Laitdbac - FR

→ Clara!
Editions Gravats - BE

→ N.M.O.
Diagonal, ES/NO

→ Hiele
Ekster, YYAA - BE

Sunday 12 November

16h30 > 22h00
7 € (Presale) / 10 € (On location)

→ Varg
Northern Electronic, Posh Isolation - SE

→ Elko B
Ekster, BE

→ Mama Snake
Apeiron Crew, Ectotherm - DE

→ Lieven Martens Moana
Edições Cn, Pacific City Sound Visions - BE

→ Céline Gillain
Lexi Disques - BE



Saturday 11 november 14:00 – 21:00
Sunday 10 november 14:00 – 16:30
Activities, Ångström, Aposiopèse, Audio.Visuals.Atmosphere.,B.A.A.D.M., bepotel, Caoutchou, Different Fountains, Edições CN, Ekster, Entr’acte, idiosyncratics, ini.itu, Jj funhouse, Le Pacifique, Lexi Disques, Meakusma, Okraina, Plynt, PRR! PRR!, STROOM, Sub Rosa, Tanuki, Unknown References, Thin Consolation, Vastechoses, Vlek, Walhalla, Young Girls



Towards a curatorial activism - Friday 10 november 20:00
Gilke Vanuystel (Stuk, Artefact Festival, Beursschouwburg); Krisztián Puskár (UH Fest, Küss Mich club); Tom Nys (independant); Dorien Schelfhout (Midlife, The Word Magazine)

Boulevard du Stream - Saturday 11 november 17:00
Sophian Fanen (Les Jours), Hervé Loncan (Revue Audimat)

Building a career in Electronic Arts - Saturday 11 november 19:00
Nico Kennes (Kunstenpunt & Belgium Booms) ; Nicolas Wierinck (ex Cimatics, White Circle), Ruben Patiño (NMO), Morton J Olsen (NMO) Moderated by Ana Ascencio (Mapping Festival)




schiev is a proud member of SHAPE platform, a three-year initiative, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

It consists of 16 festivals and art centres and aims to support, promote and exchange innovative and aspiring musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound. SHAPE attempts to present a variety of idiosyncratic music and sonic art from all over Europe, and provide audiences and professionals with insightful lectures, talks and workshops by experts in various fields related to sound and performance.

Creative Europe
SHAPE platform
International Cities of Advanced Sound

The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music
The Word magazine
The Quietus
Le Drone
Goûte Mes Disques
Focus Vif
Tiny Mix Tapes
Resonance FM



From schiev Festival 2017 we picked some music with a #thefutureisfeminist touch.