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FR 22.09.2017 22:00

EP-release van onze nieuwbakken artiste associée!

One of the most exciting additions to Brussels’ electronic music scene, US-Japanese singer-producer GOLIN (fka RIN) manages to go from a standstill to a whirlwind like bursts of bright light. With a background in contemporary dance, GOLIN’s sound is perpetually intertwined with movement – trying to put the experience of witnessing her performances into words would not be doing them any justice, as the experience is a pure visual and emotional odyssey.

Having already collaborated with artists and producers such as Ziur, Samuelspaniel and Kassett, GOLIN is set to release her debut EP on Brussels’ Midlife label in 2017 while completing her one-year residency at Brussels cultural powerhouse Beursschouwburg. She was recently featured in Subbacultcha’s 20-something issue, as well as in i-D’s The Now alongside Magic Island and Egon Eliut.