NOSE JOB with Syracuse & Mittland och Leo


NOSE JOB with Syracuse & Mittland och Leo

party concert
SA 06.02.2016 22:00

A mad scientist named Arana is creating giant spiders and dwarfs in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico. He wants to create a master race of superwomen by injecting his female subjects with spider venom. They are all a man can desire, but deadlier than a black widow!
Beware the… curse of the black widow!

SYRACUSE (Antinote, Paris)

While the Antinote label has gained notice for its roster of leftfield house, acid, and lo-fi electronics, Syracuse has served as a palate-cleanser of sorts. A Parisian duo that go by Antoine and Isabelle, theirs was the label's second release and it offered woozy yet charming synth-pop. Syracuse is obsessed with the kind of gentle space-age psychedelia that wafted through the 60s, as the breezy strum of last year's Michelangelo Antonioni-repping single, "Lovventura", made evident. The duo picked a telling acronym for their debut album, Liquid Silver Dream, but instead of staying in the 60s, its sound skips forward a few decades, with touches of cosmic disco, early electro, and Italo. A beating 808, an acid SH-101, plenty of synths and some love chants are a few of the impressive elements of Syracuse’s intense and sweaty show.

MITTLAND OCH LEO (JJ Funhouse, Antwerp)

Mittland och Leo is a duo consisting of Milan W. and Joke Leonare. They gained quick underground succes thanks to some lauded live performances in their hometown and their debut 7” on the Ultra Eczema imprint. Mittland och Leo bring psychedelic organpop and atonal synth weirdness as sensualizing cherries on top of a minimal beat cake. 'Optimists’ is Mittland och Leo’s first long player after those 45 swings on Ultra Eczema. These hi-hat tropics will blow those future autumn leaves straight out of your head, although bass lines in this LP bump ever so gently towards the softer edge of the dance floor. The bittersweet synth lines switching between Atomium-era exotica and the memory of a perfect summer lone gone by, will tickle your brain where it hurts so good.

NOSEDRIP (Stroom, Ghent)

Nosedrip is being held responsible for the infamous online radio station In his own words "the girl that won't return your love but is totally worth it".

Nosedrip and Izabel Caligiore (Lullabies for Insomniacs) select arranged chaos, scattered order, future-vintage, soft-industrial, dark-melodic, pseudo-ethnological, post-ambient and emo-pop for their Moody 22tracks playlist.