Out Loud!
ROCK & RULE Clive A. Smith
film screening music film
WE 24.06.2015 22:30

Obscure old-school style cartoon spiced with an eighties punk and new wave sentiment.

This animation film is intended for a more mature audience who appreciate Robert Crumb or Ralph Bakshi (“Fritz The Cat”) in favour of Disney. This bizarre cyber punk adventure takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been wiped out and the earth is populated by dogs, cates and rats with human features.

Mok, a legendary rock star, has retreated into Ohmtown, where he works on his nefarious plan to summon a demon from another dimension at his next concert in Nuke York. He needs a special voice for this, though, which he finds in the singer of an unknown band. Mok looks like a clone of Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, and is one of cinema’s most extraordinary and eccentric villains.

The film rocks and rolls to its heart's content, with a soundtrack of Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Earth, Wind and Fire, Cheap Trick and Iggy Pop. The result is a witty film with a different visual look that urgently needs to be (re)discovered by animation geeks, sci-fi geeks, music fans and film lovers of all type.

CA, 1978, 77’
© Corusent / Unearthed Films