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Katja Dreyer Kroniek


Katja Dreyer Kroniek

FR 21.03.2014 20:30
SA 22.03.2014 20:30

Katja Dreyer pilots the audience through a century of German history. From WWI until now. We relive the past century through a woman’s eyes. A woman who is 40 years old in 1914, in 1924, in 1934, in 1944, in 1954 … until 2014.

Katja Dreyer was previously in the Beursschouwburg with her solo début Ueberflieger. For her new performance Kroniek (Chronicle) she leaves Traumland, an inland vessel from Berlin currently anchored in Mechelen and which is exactly 100 years old this year. Dreyer personifies various generations of women, each of whom is 40 years old, and all of whom are linked to the story of the Traumland. A plunge into the stirring story of German history, where fact and fiction, the everyday and the historic constantly blend into each other.

Subtitles in English

In Dutch, English and German

BE/DE, 2013, 75 min

Concept/text/cast: Katja Dreyer
Director: Myriam van Imschoot
Costume: Sofie Durnez Production: NONA
Coproduction: BUDA.
Support: STUK, Pianofabriek.