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Van Kooten & De Bie Marathon Politieke Sketches


Van Kooten & De Bie Marathon Politieke Sketches

TV series
WE 26.02.2014 18:00

No bullshit, everyone’s a winner!

Together with deBuren we’re serving up a full evening around the legendary political sketches by Kees van Kooten & Wim de Bie. For almost forty years this duo worked together and in that period created hundreds of hours for television. During this marathon show you can look at a compilation of short films from the Tegenpartij (Opposition) with Jacobs and Van Es, the Simplistisch Verbond, Retourtje Juinen and Keek op de Week (Look back at the Week). (Re-)experience the best sketches, one after the other!

In Dutch

In collaboration with deBuren

+/- 6h