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Black(s) to the Future Quiet Refusal


Black(s) to the Future Quiet Refusal

27 JAN — 21 MAY 2023

The first collective exhibition of Black(s) to the future: a mix of fantasies, tenderness and revolution. With Sybil Coovi Handemagnon, Kyo Kim, Fallon Mayanja, Nicolas Pirus & Mawena Yehouessi.

Quiet Refusal invokes a sensory exploration of new political and poetic understandings of the plea – a speech for the defense of the (always-moving) self. The collective B(S)TTF uses collage and assemblage to generate encounters, clashes and conspiracies between practices, affinities, fantasies, tenderness and revolution. Quiet Refusal becomes a strategy to escape linear thought, dominant narratives and homogenous discourse.

Black(s) to the Future is a fluid constellation of artists, thinkers, activists and writers engaged in hybrid narratives. For the first time, Sybil Coovi Handemagnon, Kyo Kim, Fallon Mayanja, Nicolas Pirus and Mawena Yehouessi bring their practices in dialogue in the form of a collective exhibition. Alongside the exhibition, B(S)TTF also presents a cinema and ciné-clubs programme that unfolds the violence of colonial archives through a selection of moving image works.

With the support of the French Embassy in Belgium and the French Institute in the framework of EXTRA, a support programme for French contemporary creation.


28.01 20:30 Screening Sol in the Dark by Mawena Yehouessi + aftertalk with Mawena Yehouessi, Nicolas Pirus and Kyo Kim (in French)

26-28.01 Ciné-club B(S)TTF Episode 1, with a conversation on 28.01 at 17:00

8-11.03 Ciné-club B(S)TTF Episode 2, with a conversation on 11.03, 17:00

10-13.05 Ciné-club B(S)TTF Episode 3, with a conversation on 13.05, 17:00

13.05 20:00 The Frozen Lake of Elle, performance by Fallon Mayanja 

21.05 13:00 Guided tour in the frame of Afropolitan Forum with curator Sofia Dati (in English)