Roméo Poirier + Yamila
SA 24.10.2020 20:00

Welcome to the ambient twilight zone between nightmare and group meditation.

20:00 Doors
20:30 YAMILA
21:30 break
22:00 Roméo Poirier
23:00 end …

ROMÉO POIRIER - A warm blanket of dark ambient.

Roméo Poirier invites his audience to feel solitude but not loneliness, to drift on warm, dark waves of sound, from ambient to chill dub-techno.

Born in Strasbourg and with a background in percussion, this electronic musician has been based out of Brussels for some years now. From here his collaborations with producers and poets have taken him to Scotland, Norway and Greece, among other places. On his most recent album “Hotel Nota” – already his fifth release on the London-based Kit Records – all the landscapes of his travels seem to merge under one starry night’s sky.



YAMILA - Emotional trance with synth, cello and voice.

Somewhere in the twilight zone between politically-charged reality and free-as-a-bird fiction, there is a place where electronic and analogue music, visual art, performance and traditional craft align. The Spanish composer, cellist, producer and vocalist lives and works between Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. After collaborations with dance companies and filmmakers, in 2019 she came out with her first solo album on the Bilbao-based label Forbidden Colours.


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