Sapere Aude. Dare to know!
Menno Vroon Bemoeial
WE 28.03.2012 20:30

Can a theatre producer make the world a better place?

The Dutch performance artist, Menno Vroon, is bursting with questions related to his role as a ‘contemporary’ artist. Can I improve the world as a theatre producer? Is it enough to go into the studio in order to formulate an answer to this, in order to arrive at a solution? Or should I simply take over the helm and make the world better? And if I interfere, what will that world think about it? Must or can the world become a better place? Do people want to be helped by me?
Vroon takes the audience with him in his investigation. Bemoeial quotes, reflects, entertains and confronts. Everything appears to be a deception until the surprising postscript draws the performance to a fitting conclusion.

© Jorie Horsthuis
© Jorie Horsthuis

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