Sapere Aude. Dare to know!
Michiel Vandevelde Stageproject (A space for ideas and action)
SU 25.03.2012 19:00

Pacifism is a verb, not a noun.

P.A.R.T.S.-student Michiel Vandevelde does not just stop at dance but also wonders how he as an artist could be more involved with and infiltrate into the social fabric of the community and its various social, political and economic structures. With ‘Stageproject (A space for ideas and actions)’ he calls upon the audience to engage in action, critical commitment, discussion and take direct action. His project consists of three parts. Inspired by the Canadian composer and environmental expert R. Murray Schafer, the participants are first invited for a ‘sound walk’ through Brussels. After observing the urban context, a training in non–violent action by members of the Vredesactie vzw follows, rounded off with a discussion and possibly time for putting theory into practice. ‘Stageproject (A space for ideas and actions)’ makes it clear that pacifism is a verb, not a noun.

Programme :
Part 1: SoundWalk – Startpunt: Europaplein
(Centraal Station uitgang ‘Keizerinlaan’richting grote markt)
Part 2: training Beursschouwburg

In English

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