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SPIN Day #5: Even Angrier & Kinder

SPIN Day #5: Even Angrier & Kinder

SA 24.03.2012 15:00

A discussion about socio-political engagement in art yesterday and today.

'SPIN Night #1: ANGRIER & KINDER' dug into the strategies and problems of combining artistic and political voice - now for this new event artists Kate McIntosh, Anna Rispoli and Nicolas Y Galeazzi propose an altogether different format of discussion that confronts art and political action.

Next Saturday afternoon, you are invited to bring your chair to the table and join the argument. Three challenging artworks engaging with social-political action in different ways will be presented as flash-points to focus the group discussions that follow. At three moderated tables the participants and artists are invited to articulate, test, and exchange key questions that arise from their own practices, and that might open new scenarios.
How does one choose the case to defend, and the scale of the action?
Do artists use their skills to support political movements?
What kinds of concrete activation do they expect from their work?
What strategies may be effective today?

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